Jurassic World 2: Production Updates, Speculated Plot, Rumored Feud

This is at a time when many questions have been carried over from the prequel. What is the exact consequence of Dr. Henry Wu’s kidnapping going to be? Will he work with Vic Hoskins, the geneticist who stole the embryos from the lab at Isla Nubar? What will the new creatures be like?

Also, on the home front, will Clair and Owen be able to make it work? Will having saved their children be an excuse strong enough to make their relationship work? Will Owen finally agree with Hoskins? And what happened to Barry (Omar Sy), who was almost killed?

Most importantly, if Trevorrow’s words are to be believed, what is the reason for returning to Hawaii, the setting for Jurassic World? The short period to be spent there may mean retrieval of key technological pieces, or stealing one of Owen’s raptors.

While everything remains in the speculation stage for now, except for the pre-production which has reportedly begun, it remains to be seen how successful sequel is going to be in the wake of the $1.670 billion Jurassic World.

What do you think about one of the most anticipated sequels? What, according to you, are the new dinosaurs going to be like? Fill us in on your thoughts via the Comments Section below. Stay tuned for additional news and updates from this new world of long-lost creatures!