Jurassic World 2: Production Updates, Speculated Plot, Rumored Feud

So after capybaras and stick insects, buy some pillows for the dinosaurs in your house. For if rumors are true, Jurassic World 2 is all set to feature dinosaurs who you can keep as pets (yes, you read that right). Who can forget children petting baby dinosaurs in Jurassic World?

The new edition of the sequel to the third highest grossing film after Titanic and Avatar is also set to probably feature dinosaurs carrying guns to be used by the military and the drug cartels, ‘saving the world’ – by an evil corporation at that – instead of remaining as mere theme-park exhibits.

In an interview with Wired, Colin Trevorrow said there might be world domination in the sequel when it comes to dinosaurs, instead of being limited to the routine theme parks where a bunch of dinosaurs would be making people run for their lives.

There would be an exploration of the possibility of things getting into the open market, with InGen getting into outsourcing. Apparently, 15 different entities would be entering the scene, which would remind the viewers of Dr. Wu’s warning to Dr. Masrani in the prequel that they would not be the only ones producing dinosaurs.

Trevorrow is not set to return as the director but as the scriptwriter, along with Derek Conolly. Juan Antonio Bayona, of Penny Dreadful fame, is at the helm, with Steven Spielberg returning as the executive producer. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard are set to reprise their roles, while Jeff Goldblum (Ian Malcolm), Sam Neill (Alan Grant) and Laura Dern (Ellie Sattler) will not.

While the film is slated for release on June 22 2018, fans of the franchise are troubled by rumors about the two leads apparently hating each other over Howard having the bigger role this time, as suggested by HollywoodLife.  However, reps from Chris Pratt quickly rubbished such reports.

The production is supposed to begin from 17 February 2017 in Hawaii, though it is unclear as of yet whether the fixed date is for pre-production or principle photography. With the majority of the film to be shot in London’s Pinewood Studios, it is set to include a largely British crew.

As a popular Reddit theory goes, the dinosaur franchise seems to be in sync with the titles of the Super Mario franchise, and in keeping with that, it should be named Jurassic Galaxy. The working title of the film is Ancient Futures, though it is unlikely to remain so by the time it hits the theatre.

While using misleading and often funny titles is not out of the norm (Star Wars: The Force Awakens was called Foodles Productions Ltd, and Episode VIII was named Space Bear), the Reddit theory contradicts the line the series is probably going to follow.

In the same Wired interview, Trevorrow says that globalizing the dinosaurs would be an interesting idea, something that can be taken up by consecutive films, though he has turned down the possibility of the creation of a ‘Jurassic World universe’ in the lines of Marvel and DC.

Not much of the plot has been revealed yet. According to Dallas Howard, it is tough to talk about the plot at this stage even by the cast, what with them being dispersed at present throughout the globe (Trevorrow was in Europe at the time of the interview). They are contract-bound not to put anything in writing in order to prevent accidental leaks.