CD Projekt Red Hoping for Cross-Platform Play of Rocket League, New Update To Be Introduced

CD Projekt RED is anticipating that Sony will allow cross-platform play of Rocket League between Xbox One and PS4.  While speaking with IGN, Marcin Iwinski, the CEO of CDP said that he hopes developer Psyonix will be able to convince Sony to allow Xbox One players to play with their PS4 brethren.

Iwinski said that they are keeping their fingers crossed for Rocket League to pave the way. Their upcoming Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will be launched for Xbox One and PC in closed beta, later this year. Microsoft has already confirmed that the cross-play feature in Gwent will not only take place between PC and Xbox One but also other consoles if they are willing to support it.

The CDP team behind Gwent already has a technical solution in store for PlayStation 4. They would love to have cross-platform play featured for the console, during the start of open beta. According to the CEO, the studio simply needs a green light from Sony.

Jeremy Dunham, the Psyonix boss, recently said that the studio would be able to add PS4 into the mix, within less than a day’s duration. Gwent’s first standalone version surfaced in June, through a trademark listing.

It was officially announced at E3 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It has several ten-hour single-player campaigns, and the included boosters will be fairer than many RNG-based titles. You can visit the official website and sign up for the closed beta on Xbox One and PC.

Developer Psyonix revealed that a new, major and surprising Rocket League update is on the way. Jeremy Dunham, the Psyonix VP, said that the new update would be promoted by the developer with an official capacity, starting from the Rocket League Championship Series tournament. It will run from 6th to 7th August.

He said that they are developing something which a lot of people have been requesting for a long time. According to him, it will be cool and interesting at the same time. The developer said that Psyonix doesn’t need to change the way in which Rocket League works. The way it works now makes it great.

According to them, whatever is included in the new update, should offer new opportunities to Rocket League players. Dunham said that they don’t want to get in the way of how the gamers wish to play Rocket League. The developers don’t want them to think that there is no other option for them.

As a result, a lot of modes that they have introduced, like the Mutators, Snow Day, Hoops and some other things planned for the future. These will supplement what they have done in the original game. It will give people a lot of options and feed their curiosity without taking away the charm that makes them keep coming back.

In general, Psyonix is planning to be more aggressive with the progress of Rocket League DLCs. In March, Psyonix confirmed that the developer has been gearing up to activate cross play between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but they were waiting on the politics involved with the matter. Dunham recently mentioned that the case is still going on.

An annoying issue regarding collector’s editions is that they tend to withhold a lot of amazing content from unfortunate gamers. With the physical release of Rocket League, four new cars were introduced.

Now, players will have the option to buy the cars separately, from their physical release version. ‘Esper’ and ‘Masamune,’ the Neo-Tokyo inspired vehicles, and ‘Marauder’ and ‘Aftershock,’ the Supersonic, classic, Rocket-powered Battle-Car vehicles were included for free with the physical release.