Chinese Investor Funds The Expendables 4, Darker And Bloodier Than Before, Production Dates Might Be Pushed Back

Reports are suggesting that a lot of thought is going into The Expendables 4 since The Expendables 3 didn’t do as well as it was expected to. Hence the whole team is working on the past mistakes to make sure that none of them are repeated this time round. There were quite a few rumors that were circulating about The Expendables 4 in the early part of 2016, but they seemed to have died down.

This gave rise to a rumor that maybe the project has been shelved. According to Den of Geek, Randy Couture has come out to confirm that The Expendables 4 is happening and so is another new project, the Expendabelles. The script for The Expendables 4 is being worked on and the shooting for the film is expected to start by fall.

The news of Expendabelles being on the cards started back in 2014. It was reported that director Robert Luketic is going to be at the helm of things, and it is going to be an all-female spinoff of The Expendables.

The project was said to be produced by Sylvester Stallone and Kevin King. Things seemed to have changed lately since Movie Web reported that Sylvester Stallone isn’t involved with the project anymore.

Sylvester Stallone reportedly said that media was cooking up stories and associating him with the Expendabelles. He made it very clear that he has nothing to with it. Even though Stallone isn’t going to be a part of the Expendabelles, the film is likely to take place before The Expendables.

Couture, while talking about The Expendables 4 script being ready, said that there is a chance that the shooting for the film might be pushed back since Expendabelles is going to take place before that.

Expendabelles is going to feature a group of trained female soldiers who are asked to form a team for a covert rescue operation. When the women find themselves on the other side of the enemy line, they realize that to complete their mission, they will have to defeat a dictator who is focused on taking over the whole world. The film is going to be all about female empowerment and teamwork.

There are rumors that Meryl Streep, Mila Jovovich, and Cameron Diaz are going to be a part of the film. However, things changed after Robert Luketic came on board as the director of Expendabelles.

There is no surety on who the cast members are going to be finally and also there is no news on whether the same director is going to continue with the project, as it has been two years since the news of Luketic coming on board was revealed.

Coming back to The Expendables 4, the producers feel that the third film from the franchise didn’t do a good job since the movie had a PG-13 rating and this affected their box-office performance.

To guarantee that film does well, it is not going to have the PG-13 rating and will not be tamed down to suit a universal audience. It is going to be dark and full of action.

Reports suggest that Sylvester Stallone might not be a part of The Expendables 4 since he will be busy with Creed 2. Stallone got a new lease of life with Creed, and everyone was certain that he wouldn’t give that a miss to be a part of The Expendables 4. It is evident that The Expendables franchise will not work if Sylvester Stallone isn’t a part of the films.