Paget Brewster To Appear In Criminal Minds Season 12, Adam Rodriguez To Replace Shemar Moore, Who Will Die?

Criminal Minds Season 11 saw Agent Derek Morgan leaving the FBI. It has been confirmed that Adam Rodriguez is going to play the role of a new BAU team member. The role of Rodriguez is going to be that of a Fugitive Task Force Agent, and he will be helping the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI in their different cases.

Fans are still trying to cope with the fact that Shemar Moore decided to quit the show after the eleventh season. Moore decided to leave the show on personal grounds. He wanted to take some time off and focus on his life and hence decided to quit the show.

The series showed Agent Morgan getting involved personally in a particular case where he was kidnapped and had a near death incident. This life-threatening incident made him want to take some time off, and hence he decided to take some time off from the BAU.

While the fans are sad that Morgan isn’t going to return for Criminal Minds Season 12, they are happy to know that there is a chance that Paget Brewster might be made a series regular. There are initial reports that Paget Brewster’s character, Emily Prentiss, who now works in the Interpol, is going to come in for an episode of Season 12 of Criminal Minds.

University Herald has now reported that CBS had always been keen on getting Paget Brewster back on board, but she was committed to Fox’s Grandfathered. Even though Brewster wanted to come back to Criminal Minds for Season 12, she wasn’t able to make time for it.

However, things seem to look up now since Paget Brewster’s stint in Grandfathered has come to an end and hence she is free to return to Criminal Minds Season 12 for multiple episodes.

Paget Brewster is excited to be on board, and she has made many friends via her Twitter account. While Emily Prentiss is confirmed to appear in more than just one episode, there is no confirmation on whether she will appear in the premiere of Criminal Minds Season 12 or if she is going to be there in the later episodes. Erica Messer has always made it very clear that they will never kill off the fan favorite characters since this gives them a chance to return to the show.

It was Messer who broke the news to the fans at the San Diego Comic-Con panel for Criminal Minds. The fans were excited, and Brewster further stoked the fire when she shared a photo of a pair of boots with the Interpol ID that her character Emily Prentiss will be donning on the show.

The finale of Season 11 of Criminal Minds ended with the revelation that 13 convicts have escaped from prison and are on the run. This is precisely where Season 12 is going to start and will show the hunt for the criminals underway.

It has already been revealed that among the 13 convicts who have escaped, Mr. Scratch is also present. Mr. Scratch is a notorious criminal who is going to be a real challenge for the BAU since he is aware of all the tricks in the books to escape them.

Criminal Minds Season 12 is going to be a challenging one for the members of the BAU. The entire team is still trying to come to terms with Morgan’s departure, and they aren’t in a position to believe anyone. They are a man down with a crisis on their hands.