John Cusack Might Be A Part Of Expendables 4, Rumor Has It That Sylvester Stallone Might Not Return For The Film!

Cross Map has reported that Expendables 4 is going to be shot in Chine and there is a chance that the production is going to start in the fall of this year. Even though the cast of the film is more or less decided, there are still no official confirmation on who is going to direct the upcoming film. Since Avi Lerner has produced the previous three instalments, it is being assumed that he is going to be returning as the director of Expendables 4.

According to Youth Health Magazine, actor Randy Couture was the one who confirmed that Expendables 4 is going to be released in fall. There have been no official date from the studio yet.

Even though the post has Arnold Schwarzenegger has been tagged in the post, it doesn’t throw any light on the biggest mystery surrounding the film, if whether or not Sylvester Stallone is going to be a part of it.

Expendables 3 was a huge failure in the box office since the print of the film was released even before it could hit the theatre. This was a massive blow for the franchise and they are being extra careful this time round. They know that Expendables 4 has a huge buzz surrounding it and the producers are being extra careful this time round.

There are talks that the producers are thinking of a television series based on Expendables where they will bring in noted television stars for a mission to stop terrorists.

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