Jim Parsons Opens Up About Sheldon, Will The Series Be Renewed Beyond Season 10? Let’s See

Sheldon has changed drastically over the course of the series and Jim Parson said that while he is still a baby deep down, he has a girlfriend now and is starting to feel the emotions that are part of growing up.

Parson added that the best part about the character of Sheldon is that while he is enjoying these small moments of growth, there are little aspects of him that are still intrinsic to the character from the first season and the most difficult part is to balance the two things perfectly.

Jim Parson opened up about the moment that every viewer of the show had been waiting for. The first time that Sheldon and Amy decide to get intimate. Jim Parson said that when they were shooting for the scene, he couldn’t believe that they were actually doing it because he had never thought that his character would ever do something like this when they had started.

It was in fact, Jim Parson who had decided that it was time for his character to finally take the stand. There has been a lot of anticipation about whether Sheldon and Amy would do it and the time was perfect for the moment and the show-runners went ahead with it.

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