Capcom Trying to Improve Street Fighter V, Lupe Fiasco Defeats Record-Holder and Gaming Legend Daigo Umehara in SFV!

After the first day of Street Fighter V release, it has been a rather rough 24 hours. According to Capcom, they are working on making the experience much better. Random disconnections slow matchmaking and server outages have started to plague players who grouped together for the nearest entry in Capcom’s fighting game franchise.

There was an update released last night and the publisher declared that fixes have been pushed out for PS4 and PC. First of all are the network server/side issues. In terms of online connectivity, login and intermittent connectivity issues should be much less frequent since the service is more stabilized now with all platforms and regions being launched.

The matchmaking issues should be fixed now since the team managed to identify the root cause and introduced a server side fix some time ago. In order to check for the latest updates and server status, you should head over to

Meanwhile, a small number of PC users have reported that their Fighter ID is getting corrupted after account registration. The developers are aware of this issue and they will introduce a fix in place shortly in order to prevent this from further happening.

There are also many PC specific issues that have taken place. A lot of Game Boot-up and crashing issues are associated to certain Anti-Virus software which prevents the game executable from launching due to a false-positive error.

For this, StreetFighterV.exe or the game installation directory should be added to the exclusion list in order to prevent this issue. They are also looking into other non-reproducible crashes or stability issues for Street Fighter V.

Capcom said, “We appreciate if you can continue sending feedback through the official Steam Bug Reporting thread with as much details as possible so that we can attempt to reproduce and fix the issue.”

Meanwhile, in the PC community, one of the more consistent requests has been Native DirectInput Support. The developers realized that many fans prefer using their existing PS3/PS4 compatible Arcade sticks on the PC which are furthermore DirectInput-based.

Therefore, the developers are looking for actively adding this feature in the game through the upcoming patch. Meanwhile, players can use the popular XInput remapping tools like X360CE.

Capcom is also looking into Expanding key re-binding ability in order to allow customers to freely map keys beyond the default B/N/M, H/J/K/L keys. Presently, the in-game set language is the Operating System’s UI language. In the upcoming patch, Capcom will add language options through the Steam Client launcher.

In terms of resolution switching, users need to cycle through each in-game resolution setting in order to arrive at the correct resolution.  Moreover, another round of updates will be released soon, once they have a solid confirmation on the timeline schedule for launch.

Lupe Fiasco is well-known Street Fighter enthusiast and a really great player as well. He recently took down the world’s reigning Street Fighter champion Daigo Umehara which took place in the Street Fighter launch gala at San Francisco on 15th February, Monday.

Umehara is a Japanese-born Guinness World Record Holder for securing the most wins in Street Fighter tournaments and furthermore, he has an exclusive sponsorship deal with the interactive company named Mad Catz.

The two competitors entered a best-of-five matchup for exhibition purposes. Fiasco used Ken while Umehara used Ryu, two of the most iconic characters from this iconic 2D-fighter game.

In the end, Lupe won with a flying jump kick and this was surprising to him as well.  Umehara told Kotaku, “Given that Lupe is such a wildly talented artist, it shouldn’t be surprising that he came to play against me last night.”