Jennifer Lopez: Starring in Her First Television Series, Shares Adorable Photos of Her Twins!

The style diva recently shared a very cute moment with her two kids while they were dancing at the Kris Jenner Christmas bash. The tiny tots joined their mother on the dance floor and the three looked so happy as they boogied to different songs.

In a very cute photo that is doing the rounds on the internet, Emme is hugging Jennifer Lopez tightly around her waist while they look at each other and dance. Max too held his mother’s hand and danced around the floor.

Jennifer Lopez spoke to People Magazine and said that she believes that her kids are super special. She also added that this is what every parent says, but yes, she does feel that her kids are the best.

She also said that she can’t wait for them to grow up and do whatever they want in their lives. Jennifer Lopez said that she is always going to guide them through, but will make sure that she doesn’t mess them up a lot.

JLo seems to be spending as much as she can with her kids since she will be heading off to Las Vegas soon. She spoke to E Online and said that she is super excited about the show and can feel the energy already.

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