Jennifer Lopez: Starring in Her First Television Series, Shares Adorable Photos of Her Twins!

Jennifer Lopez has started making news from the end of this year and she boldly proclaimed that 2016 is going to be her year. The singer/actress posed for the front cover of TV Guide and said that she has only just arrived. There is more that fans will get to find out about her in the next year.

Jennifer Lopez is going to be the part of a television series called Shades of Blue come 7th January. The show will air on NBC and she will star in it as Harlee Santos who will be rounded up by the FBI. Harlee Santos will shift side to work with the FBI as an informant.

Santos has been manipulating the law to work in her favor, but the FBI catches up to her. She has always found a way out, but not this time. She feels that there is no wrong in manipulating the legal system if it is to reach the broader picture.

Shades of Blue kicks off with Jennifer Lopez’s Harlee Santos getting cornered by the FBI and she is forced to side with them. However, viewers will have to wait and find out on which side her loyalty finally resides.

The trailer of Shades of Blue shows that Harlee Santos is a single mother and she tries her best to keep Christine safe, but it looks like she will only end up creating more trouble for the little girl.

Jennifer Lopez had to put on some weight for the role of Harlee Santos and had to prepare for a lot of action. Jennifer Lopez said that she had never intended to be a part of Shades of Blue. The concept for the series had been prepared by Nuyorican Production, which happens to be the production company she co-founded with Benny Medina.

However, when the sales pitch was made to NBC they asked Jennifer Lopez why she wasn’t starring in the role of Harlee Santos. Jennifer Lopez didn’t know how to react to the question and said that she could play the role. The moment she said yes to the role, NBC decided to go ahead with the project.

It is not just Shades of Blue that is keeping her busy. Jennifer Lopez is also going to be a part of the final season of American Idol that starts from the 6th of January.

As if this wasn’t enough, Lopez also starts off with her Las Vegas shows in Planet Hollywood from the 20th of January. She has been practicing for the string of concerts for a time now and is dancing for nine-ten hours a day.

Lopez spoke to ET Online and said that while there are rumors that she has a problem of throwing her tantrum and making things difficult on the sets, it isn’t so.

With such a hectic schedule, it is easy to let your attitude get affected, but she knows that she shouldn’t change her behavior. She said that she is very normal and down to earth and doesn’t have any diva issues.

Jennifer Lopez is a doting mother to her twins Emme and Max. She says that she tries to spend as much time as she can throughout the day with the two of them. She also makes it a rule to catch up with them for at least one meal per day if she has a very hectic schedule. If she has time in between shots then she heads home or asks them to drop in at the sets.