Magneto’s Power Upgrade Shown off in New Concept Art of X-Men Apocalypse, Does the Trailer Really Hurt Any Religious Sentiments? Let’s See

Thanks to EW, some concept art which was so far unavailable, has recently found its way online. There is also a video interview where Michael Fassbender accidentally slips up on some spoiler-related details regarding the location where we might find Magneto in the beginning of the film.

The recently leaked concept art clearly shows the kind of power Eric starts to possess after he signs on the dotted line with Four Horsemen, Inc.

The range of his power looks rather devastating and from the image, it looks like as if he is blowing up a concentration camp. Furthermore, the full picture of his reaction shot from the trailer clearly indicates whether he was performing the concept art scene at that moment.

Both of them look quite similar in appearance. Meanwhile, he started talking about some spoiler-related details, so you’ve been warned beforehand.

According to him, after Days of the Future Past, people pretty much started hating him, so he disappears but falls in love and ends up in Poland. He bumps into a girl in the bar while hiding out in Poland and together they fall in love and have a child, resulting in the start of a family.

However, as he starts living a normal life, things start getting problematic since things are spoiled by human beings who force and entry and ruin the setting. Now, the major spoiler here is that Magneto has a wife and a child. Quicksilver was already introduced during an off-camera, deleted-scene nod to his twin sister, named Scarlet Witch.

Therefore, it is possible that the child which Fassbender talks about end up being Lorna Dane, also known as Polaris. Although this is an interesting turn of events, she would only be 10 at this point.

Moreover, whatever fate befalls Magneto and his family during the start of the movie will cause his defection to Apocalypse ranks. As a result, don’t expect his family to last very long or happy.

Meanwhile, the first trailer for X-Men Apocalypse was highly praised by fans and critics all over the world, who praised the amazing cinematography and the interesting dialogues. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Superhero fans as a whole loved this trailer but there were some unexpected responses which startled fans of the X-Men Universe.

In the trailer, you can see that Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) claims he has been on earth for centuries. During a particular scene, he declares that he has been called many things over the lifetime, which includes Ram, Krishna and Yahweh among others.

People who have been following the X-Men comic books are already aware that Apocalypse is one of the prime-arch enemies of Professor Charles Xavier and X-Men. He has been roaming the earth since the beginning of mankind, thereby making him the oldest mutant alive.

Sadly, Rajan Zeb, a self-appointed Hindu Leader, and a United-States-based Hindu cleric took offense to the trailer and declared that the part where Apocalypse proclaims himself as ‘Krishna’ is quite offensive to the Hindus and Hindu religion as a whole.

In a Twitter post, Rajan mentioned that comparing the film’s main villain, Apocalypse to Krishna is inappropriate and he further demanded the removal of this particular reference. His sensitive religious sentiments were provoked by this reference, which only lasted for a few seconds in the trailer.

The clearly over-sensitive individual failed to understand that the reference was only presented as fictional purposes and had no connection whatsoever, with the original facts. Back in 2007, Rajan made the news when he was invited to the United States Senate as a guest Chaplain.