Jared Leto: Torments Cast and Crew with His Rendition of the Joker, Shares Photo from A Photoshoot, And More

The general idea is that the footage that was released by Warner Bros. on the occasion of the San Diego Comic-Con wasn’t meant for the general public and hence it didn’t show every aspect of the film.

It is expected that the official trailer when it comes out will deal with the film in its entirety and the fans will get a better glimpse of Jared Leto in his character.

Cinema Blend has informed that Joker’s role in Suicide Squad will see him giving advice from behind the bars. Given such a situation, it is likely that he will come out in the open and torment everyone.

This also hints at Jared Leto’s Joker appearing in the next installment of Suicide Squad. There are chances that he might also star in a standalone Batman movie as well. The film that is set to release in August will have a dark look and fans are waiting for it to see how Jared Leto portrays the iconic role on screen.

According to Hollywood Reported, Jared Leto has finally let go of his Joker look for the photo shoot of Carrera. The actor is the face for the Italian brands for 2016 campaign and he shared a photo of the shoot where he dons aviators and has sleeked back his natural chestnut brown colored hair.

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