Jared Leto Is Quite the Weird And Eccentric Actor to Work With, Two People Get Into a Fight over His Autograph!

On a surprising note, Will Smith said that he has never actually met Jared Leto. He confessed that they have worked together for 6 months but besides the word ‘Action!’ and ‘Cut!’ they have never actually exchanged any other syllable. Will Smith said that Jared was always in his Joker form, so the first time he actually encounters him, Will Smith will be like ‘Hey Jared! What’s up?’

However, in the last few months, he has been pretty demented, even off the set. He apparently declared that they are going to lock him away in a box after the movie finally releases. Either Jared Leto is a really weird and talented dude or a tough guy to work with, or this is probably just good marketing.

In other news, you are all aware by this point that whenever you talk about Jared Leto these days, it is always something related to Suicide Squad.

The way he portrayed the Joker character has made a lot of people, especially die-hard fans, lose their freaking minds! Leto plays his own twisted jokes and while getting into character, he seems pretty obsessed as well.

Apparently, he sent live rats to co-star Margot Robbie. Meanwhile, according to a recent report, two Leto fans got into a fistfight while waiting to get his autograph. This took place outside the Wall Street Journal Innovator Awards.

Stay tuned for more updates on Jared Leto!