Jared Leto Gives a Moving Speech at The AMA, Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez Perform!

The devastating bombing in Paris has shaken up the whole world and the mood of the attack seemed to have been carried forward at the American Music Awards as well. There were singers and musicians who constantly paid respect to the people of Paris and reminded the world that we are all in this together.

Jared Leto who performed at the event, stated that his band Thirty Seconds to Mars were on tour in Europe when they also stopped in the city of Paris to perform. They performed at a venue called The Bataclan and it was a great experience.

On 13th November, when the world’s favorite city was bombed by the terrorists, The Bataclan was under siege and numerous people were killed. Jared Leto stated that he had friends and colleagues who worked there. While two of them escaped, one of them died on that day.

Jared Leto went on to say how every country like Russia, Syria, Mali mattered. He said that the world as a whole mattered and how important it was for the people of the world to come forward and try to strive towards a world that is peaceful, since peace is possible.

The Paris bomb claimed the lives of 129 people, but it left the whole world scarred forever. Jared Leto then introduced singer Celine Dion who dedicated her performance to Paris. She performed L’Hymne a L’Amour, which is a French classic immortalised by Edith Piaf.

Celine Dion’s performance was accompanied by a montage of Paris in the background reminding people how the beautiful city was brought on its feet on the night of the terror attack. At the end of her performance Celine Dion raised her arms in the air and the background showed the unfaltering image of the Eiffel Tower.

The American Music Awards where Jared Leto gave a moving speech, was dedicated to the memories of those whose lives ended in the Paris as well as all the other terror attacks. Jared Leto said that there has been unimaginable violence in the world and the world has changed since then.

All the performers and nominees at the AMA shared their stories about Paris and dedicated their performances and awards to the attack on Paris and narrated their stories associated with the beautiful city.

23-year-old Charlie Puth who kissed Meghan Trainor on stage shared how he was there in the city and close to the sites where the bombings took place a few weeks ago. He said that he was devastated when the news of the attack reached him.

Puth said that he would like to dedicate a song to Paris. He said that he doesn’t want to just dedicate any song to the Paris, but write one especially for it. Charlie Puth’s See You Again, which was made for Paul Walker’s sudden death and was used in Fast and Furious 7 was nominated for two awards at the American Music Awards.

The Australian band 5 Seconds of Summer also performed at the American Music Awards that was hosted by Jennifer Lopez. Luke Hemmings, the frontman of the band said that it is very important for the singers to be conscious about what they wrote and sang about.

Songs have a way to communicate and the matter of the song becomes important when they are the only means of connecting to the upcoming citizens of the world.