Destiny The Taken King: Major Update on its Way, Leak Reveals Upcoming Quests, And More

Destiny is a first-person action shooting game which released on 9th September 2014. The game was developed by Bungie and published by Activision. Destiny was developed specifically for console-gaming as no PC version was released by the developers. It was available for PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One.

A major expansion pack for the game, called Destiny: The Taken King was released by the company after a year from the initial release of the game. The Taken King was released on 15thSeptember 2015 and the focus of this expansion pack is Oryx. Oryx is The Taken King whose son Crota was killed by players in The Dark Below, which was the first DLC of the game.

A certain report from a renowned website stated that The Taken King is set to receive some major updates in the near future. The report stated that the developers are bringing in the updates to further spread the gaming experience of Destiny among fans worldwide.

However, according to some gamers, Bungie has finally decided to look into the complaints from fans stating that there was not enough content for the game and this made them decide to bring forth the updates for The Taken King.

The update which is scheduled for a November release will add certain aspects to the game. The developers announced that after the update, gamers will have the ability to buy certain legendary swords from none other than The Crucible Handler Lord Shaxx.

Players however, will have to fulfill certain conditions to be able to purchase these swords. Only players in possession of at least one sword which has been leveled up to the exotic level by obtaining victory in one of the game’s onerous quests will be able to purchase legendary swords from Lord Shaxx.

Previously, the only possible way in which players could obtain more swords was by making it run it again with different characters.

The update will also come with a new feature for the game called the Refer-a-Friend. This feature will allow players to receiver certain in-game items from their friends who too play the game. Recently a trailer was released by Bungie which revealed the various items that players will be able to receive from friends.

The benefits that could be received via Refer-a-Friend program include Infinite Edge Swords, Duo Dance Emote, high Five Emote, EV-34 Vector Infinite Sparrow, Infinite Link Shader, and Sign of Infinite Emblem.

In another website, it was reported that a recent leak has provided some in-depth look into The Taken King’s new quest. This new quest is reportedly being called “A Tale of Two Guardians.” The report stated that the leak has made its appearance through the Destiny DB tracker.

The quest will reportedly come with legendary weapons and new emotes and will be providing gamers with a number of rewards like- special telemetry, primary telemetry and heavy telemetry.

A Tale of Two Guardians will also feature a new ghost shell which is being called the Iron Shell. It will also come with certain new perks which include—increased amount of bonuses, extractors and sensors and additional glimmer.

The new quest will come tied to the upcoming Refer-a-Friend feature of the game which was announced recently by the developers. The leak came with various details stating the methods to achieve success in the new quest. Players will have to work in collaboration with a Linked Friend on the majority part of the quest’s missions.

Some of the missions featured on the quest list are—Wanderers, which will require players to complete Patrols along with a Linked Friend, Comrades in Arms, where players will have to play along with a Linked Friend and complete a story mission, Forged in Fire, in which players will have to work in collaboration with a Linked Friend to win a Crucible match.