Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege: Open Beta Coming Up, Trailer Stars Idris Elba!

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige is an upcoming first-person shooting video game from the Ubisoft stable. The announcements for the game were made at the E3 which was held on 9th June, 2014. With the absence of an offline campaign mode, the game is completely focused on the co-op mode in which players will have to play in collaboration with each other to perform certain tasks and missions.

Though the game does not feature a single-player campaign, it can be played offline in the Terrorist Hunt mode of the game in which players will have to play against bots.

French game developing giant Ubisoft had earlier announced that they will be releasing Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Seige in the month of October of the current year. However, the developers decided to postpone the game’s release to the month of December. This was done by the developers to buy them more time which will allow them to further enhance the co-op mode of the game and make some other tweaks to the game’s menu and interface.

A recent announcement from the developers stated that they are set to release the open beta version of the game sometime in the current month. The open beta test is scheduled for a November 25 opening and will go on till November 29, Sunday.

This will be the fourth instance of release of a beta version of the game by the developers. Previously, the company had held certain stress tests back in the months of March, July and September. This beta version will also be the last one to come out before the game finally hits the market in December.

This event is basically a dry run before the final debut of the game. The developers want to have a clear view of the possible number of gamers who will indulge in the game on the first day of its release which will enable them to form an idea about the number of servers that they will need to keep open to handle the load of players.

This beta version of the game will grant access to players to certain aspects of the game like the game’s PVP and Secure Area Modes. These features of the game are being made public for the very first time with this beta. A brand new mode called the PvE Disarm Bomb Mode will also be featured in the Terrorist Hunt levels of the game.

Apart from these, the developers are also giving players a chance to understand how certain characters will feel in the actual game by including 14 of the 20 playable operatives in the beta version. Players will have the freedom to choose from among these 14 operatives and have a taste of the game by playing with these characters in the event.

The beta will also give a taste of the destruction that players will be able to cause in the game showing how various weapons and explosives can be utilized to bring down walls and other obstacles or structures.

Ubisoft had previously introduced two new maps of the game to gamers in the closed beta which was released in September. Those maps were the House and the Hereford. Another brand new map is set to make its first public appearance through this beta. This new map will be made available to players in the Kanal cycle.

Though the beta version comes packed with a lot of exciting stuff for the fans, Ubisoft stated that the beta will just give a glimpse of the actual experience of the game which is slated for a December release. Yves Guillemot, the CEO of Ubisoft stated that the replay ability of the game will be its USP and this feature will definitely work towards drawing more players to the game.

Far Cry 4 is the bestselling game from Ubisoft till date, the developer stated that they expect Seige to surpass the sales figures of Far Cry 4 and become the company’s bestselling game of all time.