Janelle and Meri Go for Therapy in Sister Wives Season 7, Christine Plans a Great Baby Shower for Robyn, Madison Moves to Montana!

Meri, Janelle and Christine are working together and they show the viewers of Sister Wives Season 7 how beautifully the whole set up has come through. The photo area and the entrance were beautifully done and the guest enjoyed the food as well.

There has been quite a lot of discussion on why such few people had been invited for the baby shower and Kody has come out to explain the reason. The main reason for the baby shower being a small was that they have a practice to invite members of their plural community on the first baby shower. Hereafter another baby shower will be organized where Robyn’s other friends will participate.

Sister Wives Season 7 saw Madison Brown, daughter of Kody and Janelle, engaged to her boyfriend, Caleb. Madison has decided to leave Utah and move to Montana. While the whole Brown family had been ecstatic about Madison marrying the love of her life, there are rumors suggesting that she is pregnant and she has been hiding it from the family. The whole family helps the young couple shift and the Brown family, especially Kody, seems really sad to let her go away.

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