Release Date, Pre-Order and Price Details of the HTC One M10, is the HTC One M10 Better Than the Huawei Nexus 6P? More Information

Verizon Wireless has started taking pre-orders for the upcoming flagship HTC 10, popularly known as the HTC One M10. Reports indicate that Verizon will start shipping this device from 5th May while Sprint will offer this handset from 13th May onwards. In terms of pricing, Spring will be selling this handset for a $0 down payment and furthermore, 26 dollars per month for a term of 24months.

Currently, the full retail price of the HTC One M10, specific to Sprint, is still unknown. However, Verizon listed the full retail price of this device, at 648 dollars for the 32GB version. You can also purchase this device from Verizon, with a $0 down payment and further paying $22.83 monthly, for the next 24 months.

Keep in mind that while paying through the monthly installment plan, the price of this device amounts to $548, compared to the full retail price of $648. This is because, for a limited period only, Verizon has decreased the monthly installment to 22.83 dollars from 27 dollars. A trade-in program is also being run by Verizon.

If their old smartphone is in working condition, people can avail up to 300 dollars for it. This is possible when you are adding a line or you are upgrading with the carrier. Thankfully, all existing and new Verizon customers are presently eligible for the offer. According to the procedure, you can add one of the following devices to your shopping cart with the monthly installment scheme.

They are Samsung Galaxy S7, Droid Turbo 2, LG G5, iPhone 6S and HTC 10. You must click the ‘trade in old device’ button while you are completing the trade-in deal at the time of checkout. You will need to fill in the information pertaining to your old phone.

Within 5 days,buyers will receive a box, using which you can return your old handset. This has been confirmed by HTC. Within 2 weeks, new customers will also get a VZW electronic gift card. Within 1 to 2 billing cycles, Verizon customers will also get an account credit.

HTC One M10 looks quite similar to the devices which released before it. The obvious difference is the presence of chamfered edges in the phone’s aluminum chassis. Other than that, it feels and also looks a lot like the HTC One M9 which in turn, looked similar to the HTC One M8. That being said, the device is well-built and looks quite premium.

Considering the rise of highly competitive brands like OnePlus and Huawei in the UK, it is very difficult to see where HTC fits in, at the moment. The device includes a physical home button, similar to Samsung. It works as a fingerprint scanner as well.

The scanner has the ability to read and respond in a matter of 0.2 seconds, which according to HTC, is the world’s fastest. People, who prefer a fingerprint scanner located on the rear panel, will be disappointed.

The device is available in Carbon Grey, Silver and Gold color schemes. HTC One M10 makes use of Boom Sound, like its predecessors. It has been engineered differently this time and the name has been changed to HTC Boom Sound Hi-Fi Edition.

HTC has finally joined the likes of LG, Samsung and Google by upgrading from a Full-HD to a QHD display panel. The Super LCD 5 display in the HTC One M10 has a QHD resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. It has a pixel density of 564ppi and remains protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4. HTC One M10 packs a punch when it comes to performance.