Janelle and Meri Go for Therapy in Sister Wives Season 7, Christine Plans a Great Baby Shower for Robyn, Madison Moves to Montana!

Sister Wives Season 6 had seen the whole Brown family change. The family saw Kody Brown and his legal wife, Meri, end their legal marriage so that Kody could marry his fourth wife, Robyn, in order to help her get the custody of her three kids.

While the Brown family had initially felt that the divorce and the marriage would be nothing but some legal paper works, they have since then realized that things aren’t as easy as they appear to be.

Kody and Robyn’s marriage had affected Meri deeply and she was left emotionally broken. She started looking for some emotional support and love and that was when she met a stranger online who made her feel good about herself.

Over the course of time, however, Meri realized that the person she had been feeling connected with wasn’t a man, but a woman who was catfishing her.

Meri had decided to divorce Kody and she was the one who said that Robyn should marry Kody for the sake of the kids. However, she was devastated when she saw Kody giving Robyn the position of his legal wife.

Meri confessed to have been jealous of Robyn and things went from bad to worse in Sister Wives. However, in the premiere episode of Sister Wives Season 7, the whole family came together and they stood by Meri after hearing about her catfishing scandal.

Sister Wives Season 7 showed Janelle and Meri starting a therapy session together. The two of them haven’t had a good relationship ever since Janelle became Kody’s spiritual wife.

Meri and Janelle had known each other ever since they had graduated from high school and they haven’t been able to see eye to eye for a very long time. They are very different in their characteristics. Janelle usually isn’t very upfront about her feelings, while Meri is very blunt.

Season 6 of Sister Wives saw Janelle and Meri trying to sort things out between themselves. Janelle and Meri decided to go for counselling and the viewers of Sister Wives Season 7 get to see the two of them attending the therapist, Nancy Hunterton, to help them take their relationship forward.

Nancy Huntertonmakes a big breakthrough on the very first day of therapy. International Business Times reported that Hunterton made Janelle and Meri swap their roles to help break ice and they learnt a lot about why they can’t seem to work things out.

They realized that Meri finds it frustrating that Janelle doesn’t speak things out and Janelle said that she processes her feelings before speaking it out, something that Meri doesn’t do.

Janelle and Meri both agreed that they made good progress in the very first day of therapy. They are very different and have realized that they have to accept this before they can work things out. The two have decided to shop for Thanksgiving decorations together, something that they have never done and they hope that it works out well.

The shopping expedition further helps them realize how different the two women are. Before buying a wreath, Janelle deliberates on whether it would look good and where exactly it would be kept and she explores some more possibilities. On the other hand, Meri simply goes and buys whatever catches her fancy.

Design & Trend reported that Christine has been putting in her all to make Robyn’s baby shower a special one. Kody has come out to express his gratitude for the kind of work Christine has been doing to make sure that Robyn has a perfect babyshower.