Jane The Virgin: Jane Set to Get Married, Gina Rodriguez Wants to Have a Baby, Looks Stunning at The Critics’ Choice Awards!

Gina Rodriguez added that she, however, doesn’t want the whole process of having the baby. She would rather just have one in her hand, which is making her think of adoption very seriously. Rodriguez also added that she has a very weird idea of parenting on the show, which might not help her in real life.

She told Ellen DeGeneres that every time the little baby would cry, he would be taken away from her and the other twin would be replaced in its place. Gina added that this does nothing, but giving her a wrong perspective on bringing up a child.

Since Jane the Virgin deals with a character who had vowed to remain a virgin until after her marriage, but gets inseminated artificially by mistake, Gina Rodriguez has often been asked if she too is a virgin in life. Gina doesn’t answer the question directly. All she does is mention the fact that she is 31 years old, which she feels is sufficient an answer to the question.

Jane the Virgin is set to be back with the second season on 25th January. Given the exciting line up of events, fans are waiting for it earnestly.

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