Jane The Virgin: Jane Set to Get Married, Gina Rodriguez Wants to Have a Baby, Looks Stunning at The Critics’ Choice Awards!

Jane the Virgin Season 2 will see Jane (Gina Rodriguez) getting married. This news was confirmed by Jennie Urman, the executive producer of Jane the Virgin. While Jane’s marriage is set to become a big affair in the series, there is complete mystery on who she is finally going to settle down with.

Rafael (Justin Baldoni) were getting along very well, but then things took turn for the worse when Jane realized that he had a hand in Michael (Brett Dier) being forced to leave his job. The fight became serious where there was a point when Rafael blurted out that he wants to have the sole custody of their son.

Jane and Rafael, have always been very close and they did sort things out thanks to a psychiatrist. However, this issue did go a long way in spoiling their relationship.

The two came together to spend Christmas together and took their baby, Mateo out for his first meeting with the Santa Claus, but none of them were in the moment. Rafael was miserable since he realized that Jane still loves Michael, while Jane couldn’t believe that Rafael broke her engagement.

Michael, who is a detective by profession has been keeping his distance from Jane. He on his part is trying to make sure that Sin Rostro doesn’t come out to harm Jane again and doesn’t make a move to kidnap the baby.

Urman, didn’t reveal any details about who Jane will finally settle down with, but she said that it is going to have a huge impact on the relationship between Rafael and Jane. The two of them have a baby together and were in a relationship once. With Jane the Virgin Season 2 focused on Jane’s love life, there will be a lot of romances and emotions will be running high.

There were reports suggesting that Jane the Virgin Season 2 will see Jane’s grandmother Liliana Dela Vega (Rita Moreno) will be coming back. She hasn’t come over to just see her new grandson, she has some important news to share with her family.

Liliana Dela Vega will reveal that her husband has left her since he has found a new man in his life. The news that her grandfather is gay, will be accepted by Jane, but it isn’t going to be easy for her father Rogelio (Jaime Camil). He gets so shaken up that he is unable to say grace during dinner.

Gina Rodriguez might not have the award for the Best Actress in a Comedy Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards, but she did definitely win the award for the best dressed actress on the red carpet that night.

She showed of her stunning figure in a SAFiYAA dress in peach. The peach colored dress had a pleated train with a gathered bodice. The oomph factor was added with the plunging neckline and the cap sleeved arms.

Gina Rodriguez kept her hair up with loose strands adorning her face. She kept her make-up minimum with bright red lips. She accessorized her look with floral rings and large diamond studs on the ears.

Gina Rodriguez date for the night was her mother Magali Rodriguez and she posed with her onscreen mother Andrea Navedo. She seemed to thoroughly enjoy the night, posing with comedian James Corden and musician Reggie Watts.

Jane the Virgin star, Gina Rodriguez had attended the Ellen DeGeneres Show and she said that she really wants a baby. She said that ever since she has been working with the twins who play her onscreen son Mateo, she feels that her biological clock has started ticking.