Final Fantasy XV: Japanese Magazine Predicts 1 Million Sales Units in Domestic Market, To Feature Magitek Armors!

Amidst the various rumors going on regarding the game, a Japanese magazine by the name of Nikkei recently stated that the game would reach the 1 million mark in the number of units sold in its home country alone.

This may not seem like a remarkable feat at first glance, however, it should be remembered that the sales figures of consoles have not been that high in recent times in Japan.

Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain which was one of the most popular games of 2015, faced quite a difficulty in achieving high sales figures within the country.

The magazine states that the franchise of Final Fantasy has some sort of everlasting appeal to it. This appeal itself would draw large amounts of gamers to it which would help it in overcoming the recent console slump that the country is going through.

Nikkei made the same prediction for another renowned Japanese game- Dragon Quest XI. It also pointed out that the developers of Dragon Quest games often delay the games’ release dates and thus it questions whether the game would actually release in 2017 as was officially announced by the developers at an earlier date.

The magazine further added that the new battle system of Final Fantasy XV might be a cause of disappointment for some hardcore fans of the series. However, at the same time it mentions that a large number of gamers will definitely welcome this new change.

Latest reports related to the game suggest that it will feature Magitek Armor. An image which was published in the Jump magazine gave fans a quick sneak peek at how the game would actually look when it is finally released.

The image showed the protagonist of the game, Noctis, in a battle against a Magitek Armor enemy. It is seen that he is casting “Fire” in his bout against this enemy. This has given confirmation to the fact that Magitek will be featured in the upcoming edition of Final Fantasy game.

The magazine also provided some insights regarding the game which stated that that the use of fire magic near grass will cause the fire to spread rapidly and the whole area will be engulfed in flames in a matter of seconds. It also stated that players will have the capability to get atop monsters and mount them in the game.

The Magitek made its first appearance back in the Final Fantasy VI game and has been seen in a number of other titles in the franchise since its debut. Its most recent appearance being in the last released iteration of the series- Final Fantasy XIV.

A renowned site reported that more details regarding the game will be revealed by the developers in the upcoming Taipei Game Show 2016 which is scheduled for January 31. It was earlier revealed that the show will feature a new Active Time Report and it was assumed that this Active Time Report was going to be Final Fantasy XV.

However, in a recent announcement at the official Final Fantasy Twitter account it was revealed that the game will be getting its own stage event at the upcoming Taipei Game Show.

This has sparked rumors that the developers will come forward with a substantial amount of details pertaining to the game at the show.

Among the two separate events, it is more likely that the Active Time Report is aired first as it has already been confirmed for this month.

Some earlier reports related to the game stated that the game will come with two different battle modes. These two battle modes will have separate difficulty levels which will be completely different from each other.

The two battle modes of the game will feature sharp contrast in their characters. While one of the modes is mainly aimed towards the hardcore fans of the franchise, the other has been created keeping the casual gamers in mind.