Final Fantasy XV: Japanese Magazine Predicts 1 Million Sales Units in Domestic Market, To Feature Magitek Armors!

The first battle mode will have a comparatively higher difficulty setting than the second mode. It will feature fast paced action, which will be ideal for fans who are familiar with the series for quite some time.

The other mode will have slower paced battles and it will be ideal to those who are new to the franchise. Not only will it have a slower and more relaxed gameplay, it will also feature a lower difficulty level than the first mode. This will enable new takers of the game to get accustomed to it in a better way.

According to a popular website, there is a possibility that the game might not be released for PC. The site reported that Hajime Tabata, the director of the game has recently announced that the developers have not yet thought about creating a PC version of Final Fantasy XV.

The announcement came from the director at the Comic Fiesta where he stated that a PC version of the game would require a lot of changes to be incorporated into it and thus the developers will reconsider the idea before making a final decision regarding it.

Stay tuned for more update on Final Fantasy XV.