Jaimie Alexander Not Sure If She Will Return To Thor, Still Interested In Playing The Role Of Sif, Actors Debate On Civil War, And More!

He had informed Telegraph in an interview that he hated the fact that he had to wear a harness and a wig and contact lenses and stand with a sword in his hand. He didn’t enjoy it at all and he said that he found the whole thing very stupid and was happy that his character is finally being killed so that he could stop playing the character.

In the meanwhile, the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are excited about Captain America: Civil War and when Joe Russo, the director of the film was quizzed about which sides the different Avengers will take in battle between Captain America and Iron Man, Russo said that Hulk would be on the side of Iron Man since Black Widow would be there, while Hulk has ideologies similar to Captain America and will be on the other side.

Robert Downey Jr. was also quizzed about it and he said that both Hulk and Thor would be on Iron Man’s side since they all have a common interest in science and will stand for it.

Thor 3 is looking for a 2017 release, but given the fact that the script isn’t yet ready, the film will not be out until 2018.

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