Jaimie Alexander Not Sure If She Will Return To Thor, Still Interested In Playing The Role Of Sif, Actors Debate On Civil War, And More!

Thor: Ragnarok is likely to be released in 2017 and it will see Thor (Chris Hemsworth fight the Fire God Sutur, in a bid to save Asgard. Thor is going to be the last of the film on the Asgardian hero and the name of the film itself makes this very evident. Thor 3 is going to be called Thor: Ragnarok, which is Norse for apocalypse and fans are afraid that it might see the death of Thor.

There are some rumors that state that Thor 3 might not see Thor’s death. There are chances that Loki (Tom Hiddleston) might have a change of heart in the last minute and will join forces to save Asgard along with his brother Thor. However, it will be too late for him to change and he will die sacrificing himself for the safeguard of their holy abode.

Speculation about Thor is high and while initially it was thought that Jaimie Alexander will be a part of the film as Sif, the actress has informed Buzz Feed that she isn’t sure if she will be asked to be a part of the upcoming Thor film.

Alexander herself had informed back in 2015 that she has been asked to make a comeback as Lady Sif in Thor, but now with her schedule for Blindspot, a television series that she has been made a part of, overlapping with Thor, there is a chance that she will back out of the Marvel film.

Another reason why Jaimie Alexander didn’t stick it out with Thor even though she was asked to be a part of the film before Blindspot, is that the script for Thor is still being worked on and hence she doesn’t know how the role of Sif will be played out. She informed Comic Book Movie that she knows way less about the role as compared to the tabloid. She is still open to play the role of Lady Sif and said that she is waiting for something to work out.

According to Vine Report, Jaimie Alexander is in love with the character of Sif. She said in an interview that she is very fond of Lady Sif’s loyalty and her inner strength and the way she would go to any length to make sure that those around her are safe. Jaimie Alexander said that there are some similarities between the role of Sif and the role of Jane that she is going to play in Blindspot.

Parent Herald added that for Jaimie Alexander to be able to play the role of Lady Sif was a dream-come-true since she had always wanted to be a superhero and the character gave her the opportunity to be able to wear a superhero costume and do the stunts. The little kid inside her would always get excited about going to shoot to play the role.

Jaimie Alexander isn’t the only actor who might not return to reprise the role in Thor 3: Ragnarok. Idris Elba and Stellan Skarsgard isn’t returning to the film either.

Stellan Skarsgard is going to be a part of Avengers 3, but his contract doesn’t include Thor 3. Idris Elba on the other hand is going to die early in Thor 3, which is going to keep him out of the whole film.

Idris plays the role of Heimdall, the gate-keeper of Asgard and his death will cause Thor to fight Hela, who will be played by Cate Blanchett in the film. Elba always had reservations about his role in Thor and he is happy that the stint in the franchise is coming to end.