Dance Moms: Maddie Ziegler Teams Up with Brynn Rumfallo

Brynn Rumfallo

Dance Moms Season 6 is all about drama. The series had started with the drama related to Abby Lee Miller’s legal battles and Brynn Rumfallo, but while that ensues, there are numerous other things that are keeping the fans happy with the show.

The recent rumor to start circulating is that Abby Lee Miller might leave Dance Moms. The mothers have been very displeased with the way Abby Lee Miller has been behaving and ever since she asked the girls to leave the studio, they have been seriously thinking of changing the coach.

Melissa Gisoni isn’t pleased with the way, the dance instructor has been behaving with Maddie Ziegler because she has missed a few rehearsals because of her shooting schedule. The coach has come down very hard on Ziegler and seems to be very upset with her.

Abby Lee Miller

Abby Lee Miller is rumored to be jealous of Maddie Ziegler. The dance instructor doesn’t like the fact that Maddie’s career is soaring thanks to Dance Moms and she is thinking of leaving this particular side of her life away. Abby Lee Miller feels that Maddie Ziegler should be indebted to her and show for everything that she has achieved in life.

Abby Lee Miller also seems to have lost her Midas touch. Dance Moms saw some beautiful choreography from the instructor, but Vine Report suggests that Abby Miller doesn’t seem to be creating such beautiful pieces of dance routines as she used to once upon a time.

Her routines on Dance Moms now appear to be very childish and the mothers feel that the choreographer needs to come up with mature routines for the girls to shine in the competitions.

Next Episode

In the upcoming episodes of Dance Moms, the viewers will see Brynn Rumfallo and her mother Ashlee fighting to make their stay in the show, permanent. Brynn Rumfallo was asked by Abby Lee Miller to fill in for Maddie Ziegler, in her absence from the show. However, with Maddie Ziegler back in the show, there is a question on what’s in store for Brynn and Ashlee.

Brynn Rumfallo is a brilliant dancer and she has also gone on to win quite a lot of awards for the ALDC, however, her mother Ashlee doesn’t get along with any of the mothers and she had even rubbed Abby Lee Miller in the wrong way when she instructed Abby Lee how she should go about coaching.

Ashlee Rumfallo isn’t something who is going to let go of things so easily. She has been after Abby Lee Miller, to make her daughter’s stint in ALDC a permanent one, thereby extending her stay in Dance Moms.

Abby Lee Miller doesn’t have no qualms on making Brynn Rumfallo a permanent dancer in Dance Moms since she is exceptionally talented. However, Abby Lee Miller has gone on record to state that it is Brynn’s mother who will ruin her chance in Dance Moms.

Dance Moms’ upcoming episode will show that things are going to be sorted out between the coach and her favorite student. Abby Lee Miller shared a photo of a practice session of the team and captioned it saying that Gianna and she are working with Maddie Ziegler on her new routine and it is going to be a brilliant piece.


According to the synopsis that has been revealed by Lifetime, the upcoming episode of Dance Moms will see Miller teaming up Maddie Ziegler and Brynn Rumfallo against Kendall Vertes and Kalani Hilliker. However, Kalani has been suffering from a terrible back pain and is out of the performance and Nia Frazier takes up her place and saves the day.