Dance Moms: Maddie Ziegler Teams Up with Brynn Rumfallo

The show will also see a change in heart in Abby Lee Miller. She had started disapproving of Ashlee ever since she had asked her how to deal with her ALDC students. However, from the looks of it, Ashlee and Abby Lee Miller is going to get along very well and Abby Lee Miller in fact offers her to temporarily fill up the position of her office manager.

Ashlee knows how to make things sway her way. She agrees to whatever Abby Lee Miller has to offer and wins her over. When Ashlee asks if Abby Miller is going to consider making Brynn a permanent member, she says that maybe she would. The other mothers are not happy with this move since it would mean that Ashlee would continue to be a part of the show.

Season 6

Lifetime has recently revealed that Dance Moms Season 6 is going to get more episodes. While the date for the release hasn’t been released yet, Deadline has reported that the shooting for the additional episodes will start from April. The season has been so full of drama that Lifetime didn’t want to deprive the audience of the fun and also cash on the opportunity.

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