Jaden Smith: Skirts Controversy, Buys Tesla Model X, Spotted Carrying Sarah Snyder!

Jaden Smith has recently bought a brand new car. He bought the Tesla Model X that is yet to be launched in the market, officially. He was the first one to be the long waiting list for the coveted electric powered model that is expected to be out sometime in the middle of this year. A photo of Jaden Smith and his new toy was uploaded by Trey Smith.

The electric model by Tesla is said to have a 257 miles of range per battery charge and is expected to be priced around $130,000. There was a lot of report suggesting that Tesla CE Elon Musk had cancelled the order of a customer who is in waiting list for the car after he wrote about a launch event for the Model X on his blog.

Elon Musk came out to give no statement on this issue expected for tweeting that it must have been a sad day when it comes to news if Tesla’s decision to cancel the order to a rude customer could get so much of importance.

The new car isn’t keeping Jaden Smith away from his girlfriend Sarah Snyder. The two were spotted in SoHo where Jaden was carrying Sarah on his arms while she kissed him on his cheeks. The couple, known to have been dating since last May, are one of the best dressed couples.

Sarah Snyder had on a leopard print ensemble with Chanel sneakers while Jaden Smith wore a yellow jacket over a black ensemble.

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