Jaden Smith: Skirts Controversy, Buys Tesla Model X, Spotted Carrying Sarah Snyder!

Jaden Smith might be the son of the well-known actor, Will Smith, but he is slowly and steadily making quite a name for himself. Jaden Smith has courted controversy with his fashion statement and this time it was Will Smith who spoke about his son’s quirky fashion statement.

Will Smith spoke to news.com.au and said that the most appreciable aspect of Jaden Smith is the kind of confidence he has over himself. Will Smith does agree that he often has a hard time trying to make him wear clothes according to the norms of the society, but he has failed in that.

Jaden Smith had made front page news when he wore an albino Batman costume to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding. Will Smith mentioned that the albino Batman suit was first worn by Jaden Smith to a girl’s prom and even though he tried to stop his son from wearing that and going to a prom, he couldn’t.

Jaden Smith is very confident in his body and doesn’t care about what the world has to say. He has a clothing line called MSFTSrep and even started wearing skirts. As a parent, it is bound to get a little disturbing since it plays with the thin line set by society about what is right and what is wrong. Will Smith does add that he did try to stop Jaden from wearing skirts, but failed.

Jaden Smith had said that he will set a trend by wearing a piece of clothing that is considered to be worn only by girls and then everyone will be following suit. However, Will Smith wasn’t that confident since he felt that parents will step in to stop their children from cross dressing.

Jaden Smith did ultimately make a mark in the fashion world, since Louis Vuitton decided to make him the new face for their new women’s collection. Large billboards now have Jaden Smith confidently posing for the campaign in a skirt, without the care of the world. The trend of men wearing skirt still hasn’t caught up, but then it might just be a matter of time.

The latest advertisement campaign from Louis Vuitton featuring Jaden Smith has become the focus of gender-conforming debates. Jaden Smith has already made it very clear that he isn’t someone who is going to stick to the accepted norms of hetero-normativity. He is here to make a statement and it is going to be his personal choice.

There have been a lot of discussions ever since Jaden Smith became the face for the women’s collection.

Vanessa Friedman from Louis Vuitton stated that featuring Jaden Smith in a campaign is nothing extraordinary since the company has regularly featured celebrities in their ads, but what caught the attention of the world is the fact that Jaden Smith has been featured as himself for a clothing range meant exclusively for women.

The company has heavily relied on Jaden Smith’s apathy for the gender norms with the caption “My Mood When They Try to Hate.” It shows him standing in a skirt on a fire hydrant. The fire hydrant has always been associated with masculinity and it makes for a very interesting concept that questions the pattern of gender-normativity in the society.