Jackie Chan: Singapore’s First Anti-Drug Ambassador, Not A Fan Of Special Effect!

Chan has said that his relationship with his son after finding out about his drug usage hasn’t changed. He says that the parents should reach out to the kids and help them speak out and tackle the problem. Everyone makes mistakes and then they should be allowed to recover from it.

Singapore launched its first ever anti-drug mobile app called Aversion. The app was launched by Jackie Chan. On the occasion, he said that he is going to lend his full support on any initiative by the Singaporean government when it comes to anti-drug efforts.

Mr. Masago, the Second Minister hoped that the presence and support of Jackie Chan would inspire the young people to make a healthier choice. He said the arrests related to drugs of people below the age of 20 has increased by 10% in the last decade.

Mr. Masago said that Preventive Drug Education is needed to teach the children about the dangers of drugs and help them make a healthy choice in life. Aversion aims at teaching people the dangers of drugs and the importance of staying away from it.

When asked by IndieWire where martial art features in the days of special effects, Chan said that now anyone can be an action star. He said that he isn’t a fan of movies with special effects. He feels that with special effects, the real action is missing.

Jackie Chan joked about fans preferring to see him hurt himself while doing stunts than resorting to special effects.