Selena Gomez Pregnancy: Miley Cyrus And James Franco Joke About The Rumour, Is Bieber Again Wooing Her

Trust Miley Cyrus to make a joke about a situation that is both ridiculous and baseless. A magazine in the US had recently published an issue with the headline that both Selena and Miley Cyrus had once been pregnant by the same man.

While many people ignored this ridiculous headline, knowing that it was nothing but a publicity stunt by the publishing house, there were many who were stupid enough to fall for it. The headline did start quite a controversy and Miley went ahead and posted it on her Instagram page, adding that the man concerned was Justin Bieber!

Miley Cyrus isn’t bothered by the allegation at all and she has taken this ridiculous allegation as she had previously about her being pregnant- by sharing a photo of a sonogram showing a pizza slice inside her belly.

We are yet to see Selena Gomez came out to address this pregnancy rumor. She has previously made complete silence over these allegations, only to let time reveal the truth. Selena Gomez pregnancy issue has never been addresses by her, as she has always maintained silence about internet dramas, unless it is to clear her name in any situation.

Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus were best of friends once upon a time, but they haven’t been in very good terms for the past few years. The reason behind this is still unknown. While Miley has made comments about Selena and poked fun at her, Gomez has been silent throughout.

While Miley by nature doesn’t get affected by these rumors easily and as can be seen, she has taken this pregnancy issue rather lightly, however, the same can’t be said about Selena because she hasn’t made any comments about this issue even in the past.

Justin Bieber hasn’t come out to address this issue either. With his career taking a weird turn and controversy after controversy hitting him, it looks like he wants to steer clear of any comments lest it makes matters worse.