Issues Faced by Pokemon GO In Beta Testing Frustrates Gamers, Pokemon GO Footage Leaked from Nintendo’s Australian Beta!

Meanwhile, fans are quite certain that the upcoming Pokemon GO game will be a lot superior compared to other Pokemon games and people will see Pokemon in the wild, which was further shown in the trailer. Right now, this game will not work on Apple or Android smartphones. US and European gamers are trying to get their hands on the game for their smartphones.

An Australian gamer leaked some footage that made sense since The Pokemon Company is presently executing a beta testing program for the game, in New Zealand and Australia. The particular video clip comes with features about Pokemon GO including gameplay and character creation. The beta version for this game is rolling out in places like Japan, New Zealand, Australia and it is further said to arrive in US and Europe very soon.

In the nine minute footage revealed from Australian field test, we saw the player selecting their avatar and their gender along with facial features and clothing. After that, they finally take to their streets and collect their first wild Pokemon.

It seems like you will not be starting with a new Poke Buddy from the beginning since the new monsters are not collected by battling. Instead, Pokemon will appear superimposed on the street located in front of you. They can be captured by hitting the Pokemon in the right spot with the Pokéball located in your inventory.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon GO!