Issues Faced by Pokemon GO In Beta Testing Frustrates Gamers, Pokemon GO Footage Leaked from Nintendo’s Australian Beta!

There were some issues faced by a recent beta test for the current Pokemon Go game build and it was later leaked on a Reddit discussion. The listed reports suggest that the game crashed and some features even stopped working correctly. However, keep in mind that Pokemon Go is still in beta and it is quite okay for Nintendo to weed out any frustrating issues that are plaguing this highly anticipated title.

However, keep in mind that Pokemon Go is still in beta and it is quite okay for Nintendo to weed out any frustrating issues that are plaguing this highly anticipated title.

A Pokemon Go Reddit thread by jimmcfatypants revealed that the game crashes when you try to catch or you have already caught a Pokemon. At the same time, your efforts will be for nothing if the game has failed to correctly register the Pokemon to your account while experiencing the crash. In Pokemon Go’s gameplay, catching a Pokemon is the primary thing to do and the gameplay will constantly revolve around that feature.

Meanwhile, Niantic is already working on fixing the bug soon. There were also other issues mentioned by this thread and one of them pertains to the unfairness of Pokemon Go gyms. The gyms which are located in the game are supposed to be major areas of interest and the players could try to claim, contest and protect them from other players.

At the same time, the Gyms are pretty difficult to conquer since the Pokemon which are left behind by other players and are not at all difficult to defeat. At the same time, they also regenerate health per battle. Meanwhile, owning a gym doesn’t come with valuable perks, rewards or benefits at the moment. This defeats its purpose as an important multiplayer aspect of the game.

The game faces further problems when combat mechanics become unresponsive during a fight and this in turn, increases problems in the battle system. There were further camera issues noted since the camera view is off focus and players are prevented from properly reacting to enemy attacks.

It takes a few hits before the camera fixes itself. Strictly speaking, Pokemon GO is still in the Beta phase with all these issues.

In spite of the new version update, some problems that were noted in the Reddit thread are still quite present in the game. Fans need to wait for future updates about the game if the issues are fixed soon or in case, jimmcfatypants’ account gets banned for leaking details about Pokemon GO.

People have been waiting for a long time for Pokemon GO and it seems that the gamers are in luck since the testers already revealed footage of the new gameplay. In the footage, we got to see Machop, one of our beloved Pokemon, on the street.

Machop is a bluish punching or boxer Pokemon which evolves into the bigger boxer and finally into the four-handed Pokemon, named Machamp. The footage got posted on Reddit and it revealed that gameplay involves catching a wild Pokemon and most fans were quite impressed with the visuals and features offered by it.

On top of that, the game also enables the player to throw a Pokéball with varying precision, depending on how skilled the player is. We saw in the Reddit video that the player failed to catch a Pokemon perfectly since he did not aim properly.

Other reports suggest that it is quite possible for the Pokemon to fight back and this would make the game a whole lot more interesting. At the same time, this was not seen in the leaked footage.