Is Avril Lavigne Back with Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger? Shares Photos of Their Recent Jam Session!

Avril Lavigne was linked with her friend Ryan Cabrera for a while after her break up with Chad Kroeger since he was also newly single and was living with her at the mansion after Chad Kroeger had moved out. The two used to be spotted running errands and they celebrated Halloween together and there was a buzz that they have become more than just roommates.

Avril Lavigne has never been one to speak out about a rumor and she maintained her dignified silence about the issue. Neither she nor Ryan Cabrera made any comments about their relationship status.

Avril Lavigne has always been very open about her life and she keeps the fans informed and hence they were confident that if anything happens between her and Cabrera, she will be the one to inform the fans.

With all the time that Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne are spending together, fans are hoping that they are going to get back together. Chad Kroeger recently underwent a surgery to remove an intracordal cyst from his voice box, but is under recovery and will be joining the band for their European tour in June.

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