Calum Hood Rumored to Be Quitting 5SOS, Skips Events and Rehearsals, Fans Blame New Girlfriend!

5 Seconds of Summer is on their second world tour and by now it has become very evident that the boys are not following the ‘no-girlfriend’ clause that they had decided on in the initial phase of their band.

With the boys on the move constantly for the next eight months, they are going to be away from their friends and family and it is obvious to miss those back at home.

Calum Hood, as Movie News Guide has reported is missing his new girlfriend Nia Lovelis, a member of the punk band Hey Violet. Calum Hood had been sharing the state of his mind via his posts on Twitter. While the tweets express how bored he is, fans believe that they are cryptic messages to indicate how much he misses being around Nia Lovelis.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea have been very open about their relationship in the last few months and he also had supposedly posted a lyric from a famous song to reveal that he missed Arzaylea and she had immediately flown to Japan to be with him.

Nia Lovelis is a performer herself and she is constantly on the move as well with her band. She knows the demands of the career and is more mature than Arzaylea and hence doesn’t jump on the plane to be with her guy at the drop of her hat.

Calum Hood had previously been with Jennifer Phipps, but the two supposedly broke up after it was revealed that the boys tend to have sex with their fans while they are on tour. Luke Hemmings had revealed that the four members of 5 Seconds of Summer have a lot of fun while they are touring.

He said that with four boys on a tour bus and with fans flinging themselves at them, there are instances when they do things that will not go down well with anyone. Jennifer Phipps couldn’t deal with the distance and the drama surrounding the life of a rock band and she and Calum Hood broke up. With Nia Lovelis he has found someone who is in the same industry and knows the workings and hence things will go smoothly.

Luke Hemmings might think that his 5 Seconds of Summer band mates are his friends and support system, but there is one band member who isn’t very happy in his current state. Calum Hood, the bassist of 5 Seconds of Summer has expressed an interest to quit the band and to back to normal life.

Fans have panicked ever since Calum Hood had tweeted about wanting to lead a normal life. Some fans have even speculated that Calum Hood wants to start a new band with his girlfriend Nia Lovelis.

This post had been deleted by Calum Hood and he himself has gone on record thereafter to state that he didn’t mean it seriously and that he is very much a part of the band and will continue to be so in the future.

Things became serious when Calum Hood tweeted on tour that he is going to skip rehearsal. Fans couldn’t believe what was going on with Calum Hood since he was skipping rehearsal on tour and immediately they decided that it has something to do with his new girlfriend.

Calum Hood has also gotten a new tattoo and a haircut and they are all being associated with the change brought about in him by Nia Lovelis.

Fashion n Style reported that Calum Hood had been keeping away from many of the red carpet events that 5 Seconds of Summer has been attending. He was absent from the G’Day LA Gala where the band walked the red carpet without Calum Hood.