Is Avril Lavigne Back with Ex-Husband Chad Kroeger? Shares Photos of Their Recent Jam Session!

Avril Lavigne is fighting Lupus and is coming out strong. The singer had been battling with the disease ever since the middle of last year and she has come out in the open to talk about her hard fight with the disease.

Avril Lavigne was diagnosed with Lupus around September and it wasn’t that easy either. The singer was diagnosed to have depression before that and she was advised to focus on things that made her happy and she couldn’t make anyone understand that it wasn’t just her mind that was making things up.

The singer was reduced to tears when she spoke to People Magazine about the hardship she had to go through to finally get diagnosed with Lupus. The singer has vowed to spread awareness about the disease and has also started to work with her Avril Lavigne Foundation.

The initiative aims at trying to spread the awareness that Lupus needs to be diagnosed at an earlier stage or else the medicines prescribed don’t seem to work on the patient.

Avril Lavigne has shared posts on Instagram talking about her fight with the disease and shared the good news that she has made massive progress in overcoming it. Avril Lavigne said that the disease has made her stronger and she has decided to get a new lease on life and not let anything in life hold her back.

The singer recently went to Las Vegas to attend Britney Spear’s residency on the occasion of a friend’s birthday and she revealed that it feels good to be enjoying with her friends outside her hotel room, because she had been at the same city in the previous year she had been battling Lupus and was locked up in her hotel room for the whole duration of stay.

Avril Lavigne had had a tough 2015. Not only did she have to fight hard with Lupus, she also saw her marriage with Chad Kroeger, the front man of Nickelback ending. The two have since then been friends and have been spotted together on numerous occasions.

The two had been spotted getting a little too cosy at the Clive Davis’ Pre Grammy Gala and there have been rumors since then that they might be getting back together. Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne had made it very clear that they were ending their marriage since they didn’t want to make their relationship sour and they didn’t want to deny the fans of the chance of seeing them work together.

Immediately after their break up, Avril Lavigne had shared photos of the two jamming together and everything looked normal between the two. Daily Mail reported that Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroger had a couch jam session recently where they were joined by musicians Zane Carney and Stephen Hovsepian.

Avril Lavigne clearly seemed to have been having a great time since she learnt how to play the mandolin and picked up a Dixie Chick song on it. There are photos of the estranged couple sitting on the couch together with a huge grin on their faces.

The Clive Davis Pre Grammy Gala was where the world noticed that something seems to be cooking between the two. They wore color coordinated in black and they were together for the whole event.

The two came in together and even left the venue together. The couple was spotted on the dance floor with their eyes on each other, thoroughly enjoying the moment.

The media had been speculating that there has been something cooking between them since they were first spotted together, but the Pre Grammy Gala was like a declaration to the world that they are with each other and happily so.