Irina Shayk: Turns Head at the INTIMISSIMI Event, Rumored to Be Dating Bradley Cooper, Says She is Low Maintenance!

Irina Shayk had vehemently denied the rumors and had even decided to sue the Spanish daily EL MUNDO. After having numerous law suits slapped on them, the Spanish paper retracted their article mentioning that there were some errors in it and apologized for causing inconvenience.

Irina Shayk took to Twitter to share that she is ashamed how people spread false rumors to claim instant fame and she is happy to know that the truth has prevailed and the real story is out in the open.

According to Master Herald, Irina Shayk has mentioned in an interview that she might be a supermodel and a Russian, but she is low maintenance in her relationships. There are rumors that Russians are high maintenance and by stating that Irina Shayk clarified the wrongful claim.She might look sophisticated and high headed, but she isn’t. She is happy with anything that her boyfriend does for her and can settle for the smallest of gestures.

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