Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Maggie’s Rendezvous with A Stranger, Bailey Proves Her Worth, Alex Becomes a New Man, And More Details

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will never forget the first episode of the series where Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) throws Derek (Patrick Dempsey) out of the house in the morning only to realize later on in the day that he was her boss’s boss at the hospital where she starts working.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 is going to take the viewers back to the good old days when Derek and Meredith were starting to get to know each other before they have the most memorable romance in the whole series.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 is going to see Shonda Rhimes bringing in the incident from the premiere episode of the series and place Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Andrew (Giacomo Gianniotti) in the same situation as Meredith and Derek.

Maggie and Andrew meet up and get along really well. After they have a little too much to drink, they decide that they would spend the night together at Meredith’s house. It is only in the morning that Maggie realizes that what she did was a mistake since the two are strangers.

It is at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital that Maggie realizes who Andrew is. Andrew is the hot new intern at the hospital. It was only in the previous episode that the head of Cardiothoracic Surgery freaked out after receiving a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend.

She went on complaining about her miserable life and how difficult it was to live in a strange place like Seattle with bizarre aliens. Now, when she did meet someone who wasn’t really an alien according to her taste, he turned out to be an intern at the hospital and Maggie was desperate to avoid him at all cost in the hospital.

It is not just Meredith who will know about this secret rendezvous of Maggie’s. Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) meets Andrew as he leaves Maggie’s room in the morning and both of them will tease her for it. Amelia will go to the extent of trying to find out if Amelia and Andrew had used the condom.

Apart from this interesting turn in the event, Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 creator Shonda Rhimes decided to tackle a very serious problem in the upcoming episodes. The creator brings in the story of two teenagers who are in love, but decide to commit suicide because the parents are ready to accept the same sex relationship.

With Callie and Maggie getting involved in trying to make the parents accept the whole idea and with the doctors sharing the stories of bullies from their past. The one story that stands out is the one that Alex (Justin Chambers) shares.

Alex has always been the bully in the hospital, ever since the first day of internship when he starts by bulling George (T.R Knight). He has since then bullied all his juniors, but ever since Jo (Camilla Luddington) has come into his life, he has become a changed man.

There are rumors that Jo might be pregnant in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 and this might prompt Alex to the next step and ask her hand for marriage. Alex and Jo have been having a great run as a couple so far, unlike any other couple in the history of Grey’s Anatomy.

With Grey’s Anatomy continuing for over 12 seasons, there are bound to be plot lines that will be repeating. After breaking up with Callie (Sarah Ramirez), Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is on the hunt to get roommates and this reminds the viewers of the time when Meredith put up fliers at the hospital to get roommates.

The upcoming episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 are going to deal with the crisis that has happened in Avery (Jesse Williams) and April’s (Sarah Drew) marriage.The two went through a traumatic experience where they lost their new born baby and the incident opened up the flaws in their marriage.