Grey’s Anatomy Season 12: Maggie’s Rendezvous with A Stranger, Bailey Proves Her Worth, Alex Becomes a New Man, And More Details

With April hell-bent on going away to join the Army as a doctor, Avery decided to move out of the relationship. The previous episode showed that April is back on a break and she is going to give her all to make things work out between her and Avery.

The upcoming episodes will also show Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) fighting it out to prove that she has got what it takes to become the Chief of Surgery at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Long time viewers of the show still can’t seem to get over the fact that Derek Shepherd is not a part of Grey’s Anatomy Season 12. There are numerous instances when the viewers are reminded of Derek. Through the photos that are placed on the refrigerator and also through Derek’s steam boat scrub that Meredith now wears for surgeries.

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