Irina Shayk Talks about Her Childhood, Denies Dating 79-Year Old FIFA President, Sepp Blatter!

According to him, Ronaldo and Messi are both exceptional players. They are however, totally different stars as Lionel is someone every father and mother would like to take home. Since he is a kind man and a good boy, he naturally gets a lot of votes and top of that he plays and scores well. He further declared that Ronaldo is like a commander on the field.

In the meantime, El Mundo further added that before Irina Shayk, Sepp Blatter spent 10 years with Polish Ilona Boguska. She came after his third failed marriage along with a lot of other trysts.

Meanwhile, Irina Shayk vehemently denied that she ever had a relationship with the 79 year old Blatter. Her representative told E! News, “The rumors regarding an alleged romantic and or personal affair with Sepp Blatter by El Mundo newspaper in Spain is a pathetic attempt at defaming Ms. Shayk and are absolutely not true.” Recent reports indicate that Irina and Bradley Cooper are getting really close.

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