IRGC Appointee Hojatoleslam Sadeghi Urges on the Need of an Experienced Leader for Egypt

In 1979, the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was overthrown by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and then, he assumed power as the Supreme Leader of Iran. This was known as the Iranian Revolution of 1979. As a result, he also appointed Hojatoleslam Abdullah Haji Sadeghi to the IRGC.

Recently, Hojatoleslam said that the revolution in Egypt could not sustain momentum. This was mainly because there was no religious leader to carry forward the revolution, such as Imam Khomeini in Iran. He also urged the people of Iran to be thankful as an aggressive leader like Ayatollah Khomeini was with present to lead the revolution in Iran, for which the people of Egypt were not fortunate enough.

In 1979, even Egyptians were able to grab power from Hosni Mubarak, but there was no government they had in place. At the same time, Khomeini did not allow the army of Iran to take control and the Egyptians instead gave power to the army of Egypt to control Egypt, which proved to be costly to them.

Hojatoleslam Sadeghi was in all praises for Ayatollah Khomeini. He said that Iranians were lucky enough to be under the leadership of Ayatollah and under his control, Iran has made substantial progress. Also, he blamed the United States Government and held them responsible for the crisis in Egypt. Israel and the actions of United States are understandable by Muslims and hence, they should act carefully.

Apparently, the United States and Israel are misleading citizens so that they are able to establish their power. There is much impact of US and Israel on the economy of Egypt and Iran is clearly opposing it since a long time. Iran has also gone to the extent of providing support to Egypt if required.

Also, Iran has clearly stated that they have no interest in maintaining friendly and diplomatic ties with either Israel or United States, said Abdullah Haji Sadeghi in a recent press meet. Iran has at the same time, extended friendly ties with Egypt in the past few months.