Electricity Sector of Turkmenistan to be Developed by Iran

Recently, in an interaction with reporters, the Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan, Rashid Meredov, stated that Turkmenistan would work in close collaboration with the Government of Iran to improve the electricity scenario of Turkmenistan. As of now, the most advanced electricity generation capabilities in the entire Middle East lies with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

With excess production of electricity, Iran is also able to export electricity to cater to the needs of several neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. To further discuss the course of action for the electricity development, Rashid Meredov met the Energy Minister of Iran recently in the capital city, Tehran.

After his meeting with the Energy Minister, Rashid Meredov told reporters that they have successfully negotiated the terms with the Government of Iran about the procedures that have to be undertaken to develop the electricity sector of Iran. He said that the analysts and technicians from Iran would be able to provide support and assistance to the engineers of Turkmenistan, and that they would be able to develop the electricity sector proactively.

Rashid Meredov also stated that these collaborations and partnerships between nations are extremely essential to ensure a great future for the country. He also went on to say that partnerships would prove to be beneficial for both the nations who are in a partnership and that, with such partnerships, the economy of Turkmenistan would be able to make progress to a great extent.

Going further, Rashid Meredov invited businessmen and private sector companies from Iran to invest in the economy of Turkmenistan, and also said that Turkmenistan would provide its fullest support to investors. He also pointed out that Iran is facing restrictions from international communities and, due to this, investing in Iran would prove to be beneficial to them.

Turkmenistan and Iran go a long way back and have maintained good relations ever since Turkmenistan was liberated from the Soviet Union in 1991. Although they have a very good level of understanding, the border situated in the Caspian Sea is a matter of concern for both the nations.