Iranian Physicians to Benefit Largely due to Medical Tourism: Iradj Fazel

The Head of the Iranian Association of Surgeons, Iradj Fazel, said that local citizens and patients can be easily treated in the country itself, with the existing skills of Persian physicians. This is due to the vast knowledge and skills possessed by the modern physicians.

Iradj Fazel spoke about this in a seminar he addressed a few weeks ago. He said that in the present day Iran, the new generation of physicians bear great knowledge and expertise to treat patients. Times have changed, where patients who would previously travel to Western Countries to seek better medical attention are now able to avail the same in the country of Iran without having to travel elsewhere.

Fazel also pointed out a large gap still exists between the medical technology used in American and European countries and the medical technology used by Iranian physicians. But despite the lack of technology, physicians in Iran are still able to offer medical attention and treatment on par with other Western countries which are known for their medical technologies used.

As per Fazel, the main aspect that makes medical tourism in Iran beneficial is that patients are able to get the same medical treatment at a much lower cost when compared to other countries in its vicinity. Due to this, physicians in in Iran are able to offer high quality medical services to patients from neighboring countries.

A graduate in Medicine from the University of Tehran, Fazel pursued higher studies from the United States and has a specialization in the transplantation of organs. Presently, Iran is cashing in greatly on the medical tourism industry and billions of dollars flow into the country due to approximately 30,000 patients from Turkey, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan visiting Iran annually for medical care.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is also advertising about the medical tourism in Iran to a great extent, and there are active campaigns launched all over the world to promote medical tourism in Iran, through the consulates and embassies of Iran present in different countries.