Iggy Azalea thanks her plastic surgeon for great boobs and nose

Plastic surgery is something that has become the order of the day among celebrities. Most celebrities however prefer keeping the procedures they have had done a secret. This is probably because most of them would like people to believe they have not had any alterations and that they are naturally beautiful; we know this is not true. There is however some celebrities who are very open to talk about their procedures and they are confident in their decision and they do not try to hide the truth from their fans and the public. A perfect example is Iggy Azalea.

Just two days ago on 26th November 2016, she posted a picture of herself and her plastic surgeon. She captioned the picture by saying that it might appear obvious to anyone that she holds the person she owes her boobs and nose to in high regards but putting vanity aside, she praised her surgeon saying that he is funny, talented, a progressive thinker and a person who supports every woman when they make a choice to do whatever they please with their bodies; she added that most men do not share the same sentiment. She wished him a happy birthday and said that she was proud of him.

The post did not go unnoticed by Dr Ghavami. He also posted a picture of him and Iggy and made a caption. He thanked her for her birthday wishes and said that her confidence is something that should be respected. He completed his caption by saying that his birthday was complete.

Iggy Azalea has never been shy about admitting she has had plastic surgery procedures. She owns it and she is proud and confident in how she looked. She made her first appearance with her new look in this year’s Billboard Music Awards.Iggy Azalea has had a nose job and a chin implant which she confirmed in an exclusive interview with Seventeen Magazine. In the interview she said that plastic surgery is not an easy road to take and that owning your flaws and living with them is a difficult task. According to the entertainer, plastic surgery has really helped her make some changes to some of the things she did not love about her body.

Iggy is a great example that celebrities should just own up to all the plastic surgery procedures they have done. Like Iggy they will get a lot of admiration from the public and fans for being open about their insecurities other than hiding or denying them.