Ed Sheeran’s cheek ‘sliced’ in a knighthood joke

Accidents really happen when you least expect them. And they can involve celebrities at their very unguarded moments. This was what exactly occurred to Ed Sheeran – the voice behind the hit song Thinking Out Loud.

According to reports, Sheeran was cut open in the cheek with a sword via a knighthood joke where fellow singer James Blunt and Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice were involved. The accident happened on November 16, in a gathering held at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, London.

Beatrice held a sword in an attempt to fulfill the knighthood joke of Blunt, the hitmaker behind Beautiful. As she placed the sword over Blunt’s shoulder, Sheeran was left unnoticed from behind. It was when the sword hit his face, cutting through his cheek, and leaving him in bleed.

Sheeran, who is scheduled to release his 3rd studio album, was rushed to the hospital where he received the necessary treatment. The 25-year old singer seems okay showing himself in a gig a few days later after the incident.

Additional accounts from some witnesses to the incident said that it could have blinded Sheeran. The sword struck him in the face just a few inches from his eyes.

Those who saw the incident were in shock. Some were even upset including Princess Beatrice herself. But, Ed showed how kind of a gentleman he is. He consoled the royal granddaughter saying that it was plain accident.

Meanwhile, Sheeran’s fans are up for some surprises with his yet untitled album. Fans can expect more great songs. The singer-songwriter apparently penned some songs in a cruise ship. There are very few details leaking from this much-awaited album. But his legion of followers can expect collaborations from some well-known artists.