Justin Bieber punches Italian fan in the face

Pop singer Justin Bieber was arriving at his concert at Paulu sant Jordi stadium via chauffeur-driven car when he decided to roll the window down and greet his screaming, crying, excited fans. Video footage shows an excited male, underage fan approaching the slow moving car. The enthusiastic fan reached in to touch, or possibly shake hands with Justin, and as the video now seen world wide shows, Justin punched the excited fan in the face, causing a major nose bleed and a busted lip.

There is no word on any legal action at this time, but there will no doubt be some sort of legal proceedings as the fan was seen in the video clip showing his friends and other Biebers fans, or Bieliebers his bloody lip and nose. This isn’t the first time Justin has found himself in some major legal troubles. He was charged by the Miami, Florida Police department for drag racing. He was also charged with assault when he attacked a member of the paparazzi a few years ago. Bieber, 22 years old, has also spent some time in jail and has been known for using and possessing illegal drugs, not only including marijuana but has been known to mix codine cough syrup with spirte soda, better known as “syrzzup” to the rap community.


A lot of fans say that his actions are due to his break up with female pop singer, Selena Gomez who she herself has been battling with body issues and mental health problems since the breakup with Bieber. Recently Justin Bieber has been spotted with countless women who he has flown to various exotic locations around the world including Bora Bora, where his infamous first set of “leaked” nude photos were taken; and Hawaii where he himself released high-res quality nude photos. Needless to say Justin Bieber is a bit of a mess but whether you loathe him, love him, tolerate him, or just find yourself dancing and singing along to one of his songs like I do, you can’t help but feel sorry for the “What Do You Mean” singer; not to mention the fact that he is attractive in his own way.

They say people have a tendency to be attracted to the “bad boys”. I guess that statement is true. Ultimately, in my honest opinion what Justin really needs is a good six months house arrest and an extensive amount of drug court. However, money talks, and more than likely no judge will even consider sentencing Justin to house arrest or drug court.