Ibuki DLC Delayed for Street Fighter V, Will Release at The End of June, Capcom Apologizes to Fans for Lack of Communication!

As for the Cinematic Story Mode, it will likely bring about some kind of relation between Street Fighter V and its predecessor- Street Fighter IV. The mode will comprise of two hours of additional cinematic story.

Kenzo Tsujimoto, the CEO of Capcom had previously stated that Street Fighter V came with certain flaws. He admitted that more fine tuning and polish was required by the game. There were also some issues with the servers during the time when it was launched.

That being said, various reports state that the developers are working on fixing the issues that plague the game. One such issue is the input lag which has been reported by several gamers who play the game on PlayStation 4. It was revealed that the developers are currently looking into the reports and fans will be updated as soon as they have any substantial news on the matter.

Rage-quitting is a major issue as far as Street Fighter V is concerned. Gamers often just quit the game mid-way which causes a serious problem. Capcom stated that a number of measures have been introduced to address the issue and more such measures will be introduced to the game in the near future to completely eradicate the problem.

Stay tuned for more updates on Street Fighter V.