Spoilers for Season 4 Episode 1 Of The Fosters Revealed, Nick to Show Up in School with A Gun!

The Fosters is an American family drama television series that premiered back in 2013. The show airs on the Freedom network in America. In Canada however, it airs on ABC Spark. The series has been created by Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg. The show has been renewed for a fourth season and a number of spoilers for the season have been floating around the internet as of late.

The first episode of the fourth season will premiere on June 20. Apparently, the episode will be a never-before-seen type one for the fans of the show. Some photos from the upcoming episode was posted online and the photos revealed that a gun will be brought into the school by Nick.

Nick saw Mariana kiss Mat and this is what enrages him and prompts him to bring the gun to school. As a result of his actions, the authorities are forced to put the school on a lockdown. The other students and the teachers have not a single clue as to what Nick might do with the gun.

The episode will be depicting the numerous occurrences of kids bringing guns to school in real lives. Joanna Johnson, the executive producer of the show dubbed the incidents of students bringing guns to schools as “pretty harrowing.”

She stated- “It’s something that’s happening so much it’s almost becoming normal. It almost seems like a weekly occurrence that someone is taking a gun to school. We wanted to explore what the impact of this has on our schools and has on our kids.”

It was also revealed by her that the first two episodes of the fourth season of the show will be having a different look and a different feel. She touted these episodes as very intense and dramatic and she also added that she was very much proud of them.

Fosters has been known to deliver quite disturbing storylines in the past. However, the incident of Nick bringing a gun to school will set the bar to a new high. It is due to the fact that the whole thing is so closely related to real life incidents.

The synopsis or the second episode which will air on June 27 has also been revealed. Everyone in the Adams Foster household will be seen in a tense mood. Everyone is clearly shaken up due to the incident that happened in the school. They are trying to stay beside each other and support each other.

However, their secrets are keeping them distant from each other. Everyone is warned by Stef to not use phones or computers because a number of rumors regarding their family are floating around. Brandon and Callie will be seen waiting for their moms who are going to address what they did in Idyllwild.

It has also been revealed that there will be a massive fallout between Brandon and Stef. The reason behind this is that Brandon decides to sneak out of the house in order to help Courtney to move.

In the first episode, Callie will be seen speaking out about the relationship that she had with Brandon. She will be coming forward with her secret to her mothers Stef and Lena. She will reveal how Brandon and herself got intimate before they became siblings legally.

The trailer released for the first episode of the fourth season shows that Stef will put her life in danger in order to protect the other students from a vengeful Nick. The panic and fear could be clearly seen on the faces of the other students inside the school. It will be interesting to see the outcome of the scenario once the show gets back on television on June 20.