Ibuki DLC Delayed for Street Fighter V, Will Release at The End of June, Capcom Apologizes to Fans for Lack of Communication!

Street Fighter V is a fighting video game that has been developed and published by Capcom. The game was released for the platforms of PC and PlayStation 4 in February 2016. It has just come to light that a brand new character will be added to the game via a future DLC.

The character in question is Ibuki. It was revealed by Capcom that they had initially planned to roll out the DLC by the end of the previous month. However, the developers had to delay the release of the expansion pack due to some reason.

The latest reports state that the expansion pack will now become available in the last week of the ongoing month. Capcom stated- “In order to provide the best experience possible for our players, we decided to postpone her. We are doing our best to release the content in the last week of June.”

Along with the announcement, the company also issued an apology for not being able to meet the deadline for the expansion pack. The company also apologized for remaining silent about the matter for a considerable amount of time. It admitted that there is much scope for improvement when it comes to communicating with the Street Fighter community.

It added that the company will try its best to maintain a healthy communication with its community and will promptly come forward with any announcements which will be of necessity.

It was also stated that Capcom strive to bring quality content for the game to fans. To ensure quality, the developers might have to delay the launch of new content. In case of such delays, fans will be updated promptly through the community.

As for the contents of the new expansion pack, it will come with a brand new Cinematic Story Mode along with the character of Ibuki. A trailer showcasing the brand new character was also released by Capcom after the Combo Breaker Grand Finals. The character is being dubbed as everyone’s favorite kunoichiby Capcom.

A picture of Ibuki was also posted on the official Twitter handle of the game. It had the caption- “Everyone’s favorite kunoichi is back! Check out what Ibuki is all about in Street Fighter V!”

The character will have the capability to dash forward. It will also be able to hover in the air with help of a small parachute. Kunai will be one of the main attacks of this character and this attack can be used by players to take down their enemies from a certain distance.

It is not the first instance of Ibuki’s appearance in a Street Fighter game. The character had made appearances in previous games of the series too, her most recent appearance being in Street Fighter 4.

The background story of Ibuki was posted by Capcom and it revealed that Ibuki has been undergoing strict training in the art of ninjutsu from a time when she was quite young. She has been training in a village that has its location in the mountains of Japan.

Her best friend is Sarai Kurosawa and she has a pet tanuki by the name of Don. Ibuki spends a lot of time with her best friend and her pet. She often has to go on dangerous missions, however, she dreams of living a normal life like other girls.

Prior to Ibuki, two more characters have been added to the game and they are- Guile and Alex. Capcom has announced that a total of six characters will be added to the game within the ongoing year and thus, after the addition of Ibuki, three more characters will set foot into the world of Street Fighter V. It was reported that these upcoming characters will be Juri, Urien and Balrog.