HTC One M10: Latest Reports Suggest that the Release Date has been Postponed, HTC Focused on Virtual Reality!

Even though the official word is yet to be out, experts believe that this smartphone should sport a price tag anywhere between $650 and $700. Additional reports are expected to surface within the next few weeks as the release date nears. Hence, stay tuned for more!

The HTC One M10 sports 4K video capabilities while another set of rumors claim that the smartphone features a 13MP primary camera with dual LED flash. It is quite difficult to ascertain which one is true,since,any official word is yet to arrive.

HTC is slated to keep the 3,000 mAh battery,although, we would have preferred something a bit more powerful,considering the type of features being offered by the competitors. Asus for example, launched a new variant of the Zenfone with a 5,000 mAh battery, which doubles as a power bank!

HTC also plans on launching the One X9 this year, which competes with the local brands in China, although, it is expected to launch once the M10 is released. Both these smartphones are of equal importance,since HTC has a point to prove to the skeptics.

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